agelastco asked:

i have been reading the ebooks but i am a big fan of paperbacks. i wanted to ask if you know where i can get the gives light series physical books other than amazon/abebooks because i am from malaysia and amazon shipping rate is ridiculous! anyway, have a great 2014! and i wish you the best of luck :)

Hi there,

I’m sorry I didn’t get your message sooner!  My email is quite bad about notifying me.

Thank you so much for your kind words.  I’m VERY sorry about the shipping rates to Malaysia.  I don’t know of a way to fix this because Amazon forces certain prices on the books that I have no control over.

What I can do is:  I can give you two codes that will give you two of the books for free.  You might still have to pay shipping, (I’m not sure), but you don’t have to pay for the books themselves, so that would make the price a lot better, right?  I wish I had more codes, so you could get the whole series, but Amazon only gave me two.  I’m very sorry.

I’ll send you the codes in a private message.  I hope this helps at least a little.


trishaboylove asked:

Very cool! I'll be keeping my eyes peeled so. :D My holidays are going very well. I'm so excited for Christmas! How are yours going? Lol. That's no problem at all. :D

Oh my gosh, I know.  I just can’t wait.  Many of my cousins/nieces/nephews (yeah, it’s that kind of family) are still young enough to believe in Santa. It’s so magical when they’re this young.  Kind of makes you feel like a kid yourself, doesn’t it?

trishaboylove asked:

That would be so cool! I would kind of agree about Rafael, but it would still be cool to have his POV. Or even Skylar's POV again. But I am just happy to have those 4 books. And the covers are still amazing! xD

Well thank you again!  You know, I’m not sure how I’m getting these messages, my old email was hacked a couple months ago but I guess hackers like Tumblr too…  Anyway, I’m probably not writing anything crazy like that, though I am writing more YA after the holidays.  How are your holidays going? I hate to answer questions without asking questions back!

trishaboylove asked:

No problem at all! I miss those boys so much. I love the covers for your stories. Do you make them yourself? :)

I miss them too at times, wanted to write a college series from Rafael’s POV but I’m afraid he’d be a horrible narrator.  With regards to the covers, nah, I’m nowhere near that talented.  I just find stock images and edit them as necessary.  The exception was Why the Star Stands Still, that was a photo from the Pine Ridge Reservation a few years back, week of Oyate Wacipi I think.  Good times.

trishaboylove asked:

How did the idea for Gives Light come about? It's my favourite series ever! :D

Wow, thank you so much!  Have you ever watched a show called Canadian Idol?  I was visiting with family in Alberta back in 2008 (I think?) and the television aired a bunch of repeats from the first season.  During the auditions Kalan Porter came out looking like he weighed 90lbs soaking wet…and then he opened his mouth and sang “House of the Rising Sun.”  No way could that scrawny kid have such a powerful voice!  On the way back to Montana I thought about what a shame it would have been if no one had ever heard Kalan sing that day.  The idea of a singer who couldn’t sing struck me as really tragic.  So, originally I just wanted to write about a kid whose dream was shattered when he lost his voice.  It was when I figured out why this kid was mute that it stopped being about music and started being about another kid altogether.

I guess the only other thing I knew for sure was that I wanted the characters to be Plains people, because that’s the culture I grew up with and a lot of people don’t even know how amazing it is.  Once I settled on a tribe a lot of personal anecdotes started leaking through.

Happy holidays!